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“Our Preservation windows are so energy efficient compared to our old windows & the appearance of our house is improved. Preservation is a great product.”

Waymon & Sheila Peterson from Broken Arrow


“The product performance of the ‘Preservation Maxx 10’ windows not only meets its performance rating, but has exceeded its rating in my home. By having only thirteen of my thirty-nine windows replaced, I have saved an average of $100 to $120 per month in utilities this winter. I can’t wait to have the rest of my windows replaced knowing that I can save even more money. With the lifetime warranty and the energy savings available, there is no reason to even consider a different window.”

Jason Crandall, Fire Marshall from Claremore Fire Department:


“After I got my new windows, I was surprised how much brighter and nicer my house looked. The windows made it easier to open and close on a whim compared to the aged windows I had before.”

Tiffany Truttmann of Clayton


“From the perspective of a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist, I have always sought the highest level of security available indoors, locks and windows.  Preservation window standards exceed other windows on the market by providing additional features such as the channel between the moveable window sections.  The channel prevents the lock from being opened from the exterior side.  The triple panes ensure that breaking them would take time and make noise which is both deterrents.”

Rosie and Michael Griep of New Brighton


“The windows have dramatically changed the inside and outside appearance of our home.  I especially love the large picture window in the front of our house.  Others have also noticed the beauty of our windows.  In fact, I have observed people slowing down while driving by our house to take a look at our windows.  We immediately noticed the efficiency of our windows as our furnace does not run nearly as much as it used to.”

Sarah Leingang of Bismarck


“My home was built in the early 1900s and definitely needed new windows.  I have looked at many windows over the years and considered putting in double panes but when I saw the Preservation triple pane EnergyMaxx10 glass and how energy efficient they are, I decided to go with them.”

Mike Platz of Avon